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army tents

We are proficient in providing tents for army and official usages too. For special purposes, we have our army tents that are not only comfortable but also spacious enough to enable sharing and accommodation of more people. We are leading army tent manufacturer and exported a huge chunk of them since many years down the line.

The tents made for army purposes need to have a longer durability and should be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. Considering this notion, we utilise high-end fabric and exceeding quality metal frame work for it‘s built. Also, unlike other tents that are made for short term usages and temporary settlements, these tents are more airy with ‘two side‘ window slots. These tents can also be used for any other office purposes as well as clinic facilities, especially for carrying out medical camps. Just like our other products, the material used in the making of this tent enables them to remain erect and portable.